Delcam CRISPIN Footwear Solutions

Delcam CRISPIN provides the footwear industry with powerful, dedicated software solutions to assist design, engineering and manufacturing professionals at all levels.

With the CAD/CAM experience of Delcam CRISPIN combined with valuable input from footwear industry experts worldwide, Delcam CRISPIN can offer significant benefits to footwear professionals, including:

  • Fast accurate last engineering and machining
  • Realistic 3D footwear concept design, visualisation and modelling
  • Accurate sole mould engineering and machining
  • Faster turnaround of products and time to market
  • Reduced sampling and tooling costs
  • Cost-effective material utilisation
  • Increased accuracy and consistency

Last Engineering Solution

Our last engineering solution is a 3D tool for modifying existing digital lasts to produce new footwear design lasts for machining and use in the digital design process

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Design Solution

Our new 3D concept design solutions incorporate 3D upper and sole design, sole unit and mould engineering with group and EVA grading (Pro version) plus forme and style line flattening for advanced 2D pattern development. Full 3D digital footwear designs are produced quickly and can be viewed by your manufacturing factories or customers anywhere in the world using our free 3D viewer, or rendered to produce a photo realistic 3D design portfolio, which reduces the need to produce costly samples.

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Manufacturing Solution

Our manufacturing solution incorporates a range of 2D and 3D products for producing patterns, technical documentation, cut components and sole moulds. Each product within the manufacturing solution uses the same digital data for improved accuracy and a faster turn-around.

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Hardware Solution

We offer a range of hardware solutions that compliment our software products including foot scanners, used with Delcam CRISPIN LastMaker to help produce custom fitting lasts, last scanners used with Delcam CRISPIN ShoeMaker Pro for the input of new digital design lasts, to cutting tables for the output of 2D pattern components for tooling, brass bound patterns or actual parts cut directly from the materials used for samples or production footwear.

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