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Digital Custom Insole Creation

Our digital solution for custom insole creation allows you to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce customised inserts for foot health, sports performance enhancement or retail and increase the accuracy of the fit.


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OrthoModel allows rapid custom insole design for both accommodative and corrective devices, with a user interface that you can adapt to suit your needs, whether you are a practitioner, laboratory or retailer.


OrthoModel digital custom insole design - features and benefits

  • You or your customers can create custom foot orthotics quickly using our simple user interface

  • Automate your entire custom orthotics creation process by integrating your 3D orthotic design software with your manufacturing solution

  • Even if you are a casual user, you can easily create digital custom insole designs without extensive training or software knowledge

  • Choose if you want to use OrthoModel with our entire 3D orthotic software solution or your existing products to build the digital solution which best meets your needs


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OrthoMill allows you to choose the products and materials that best suit your business. Our 3D orthotic software solution offers you automatic machining whether you are milling on a single desktop machine or in different materials on multiple machines.


OrthoMill digital custom insole manufacture - features and benefits

  • Choose how you want to work; allowing you to connect to the brand or size of milling machine that best suits your business

  • Mill all types of orthotic material, from EVA to polypropylene and cork using one of our proven milling strategies

  • Automate your entire manufacturing process with OrthoMill as part of an integrated foot orthotics CADCAM solution; reducing your costs and manufacturing lead times

  • Use our entire 3D orthotic software solution or a single product to build the digital solution for creating custom orthotics which best meets your needs