iQube and iQube mini

3D scanning - overview

Our iQube 3D scanners capture accurate data of your client's foot to create custom insoles that fit perfectly first time. Improve your customer experience by capturing their foot data quickly and mess free in your practice, at their home or in a retail environment.

iQube scanner

iQube and iQube mini – overview

iQube and iQube mini can produce high quality 3D scans of your client's foot, a cast or a foam box impression in seconds and ready to import into your CAD solution to design accurate custom insoles.

iQube and iQube mini digital foot scanner - features and benefits

  • When scanning your client's foot, the iQube will capture the back of the heel as well as the plantar surface
  • iQube allows you to capture your client's foot data with weight-on, weight-off and semi-weight bearing scans
  • iQube and iQube mini are portable, allowing you to capture your client’s foot data wherever it is needed
  • Reduce the lead time of producing custom insoles by capturing accurate data at the outset

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