Autodesk Crispin ShoeMaker

3D concept design and visualization software

Crispin ShoeMaker – our digital shoe design software - is created to allow you to push the boundaries of conventional footwear design by providing simple tools that help you deliver the very best in new collections.

How does Crispin ShoeMaker help me turn my vision into a reality?

Work how you want to

If you’re new to 3D shoe design, you can import your sketches and researched images into Crispin ShoeMaker, making the transition from sketch to 3D. Or you could simply design directly in the software. We have customers that design using both methods which make the design process quicker and easier for you.


Crispin ShoeMaker has built in rendering software, so in one click you can simply transfer your design into our rendering suite to visualize your shoe. You can change the materials, textures and lighting scenarios to create stunning images to present to your team.

Design detail

To make a realistic prototype, the design needs to be detailed. Crispin ShoeMaker is crammed with tools that allow you to add detail including punches, stitching, accessories, laces and buckles. You can also store your favourites in libraries for future use.