Autodesk Crispin LastMaker

3D last engineering and grading software

The last making process is arguably the most important part of shoe design, so it needs to be precise. With Crispin LastMaker, you are able to create 3D digital lasts that can be modified quickly and easily by editing your measurements. This means your lasts are more accurate than hand creation.

Why should I use 3D digital last making?


This is essential for the last design process. Digital creation means precision at all times. It also means you are able to edit profile lines, modify the last shape and create a custom last bottom. All with ease and speed meaning final designs can be sent for milling much quicker.

Stored designs

You can save all of your last designs into a library for future use and editing. The search feature allows you to find the last you need, using attributes including style and size, helping you to manage your library.

Grading and manufacture

Creating a set of graded lasts by hand is time consuming and expensive. By creating a digital last you can automatically grade your last in seconds. The digital model also contains all of the data needed to send your last for manufacture.