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Technical assembly diagrams

Technical documentation is essential for accurate assembly during the manufacture of a production shoe. This can be done in many ways, however Crispin TechPac has an advantage of customisable templates which provides technical detail about the shoe, type of machine to use and operation sequence. They can be saved as HTML or PDF files depending on your need.

Crispin TechPac - Technical Assembly Diagrams for footwear manufacturing and footwear assembly sequence

How does Crispin TechPac help me?

Reporting - Customizable report templates ensure technical information is accurate. TechPac also has an import function, which allows you to integrate data from other Crispin products giving detailed reports, fast.

Productivity - Because Crispin TechPac automates the documentation process, this frees up time normally spent creating manuals by hand. The detailed documents also help to ensure operations are efficient.

Implementation - Importing images within your documentation couldn't be easier. You can import DXF files to display pattern pieces, or almost any image file depending on how you work.

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