Autodesk Crispin SoleEngineer

3D sole unit engineering and grading software

Crispin SoleEngineer allows you to create anything from a heel, to a detailed sports sole or even moulded footwear like a wellington boot. The shoe specific tools also means engineering and grading is simple.

Crispin SoleEngineer - 3D sole design for shoe manufacturers using wireframe, surface, solid and triangle modelling

How does Crispin SoleEngineer help me?

Easy integration - When designing the upper and sole unit together, Crispin's ShoeMaker seamlessly integrates with SoleEngineer making the process much simpler. If you focus purely on sole design, then your digital data is stored in one file - handy for sharing with other designers and production managers.

Create complex designs - Crispin SoleEngineer uses a combination of wireframe, surface and triangle modelling which allows you to create any shape. You can also trace from imported photos, images and logos.

Quick access - You can create libraries to store all of your textures and patterns. It's a handy tool for you to apply existing styles to a new model. You could even save grading rules to make re-sizing even quicker.

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