Autodesk Crispin ShoeStyle

Style line engineering and manufacture

Crispin ShoeStyle is an easy to use 3D drawing solution for sketching and editing 3D style lines so you spend less time trying designs on different lasts. It enables you to flatten style lines into 2D patterns automatically. You can also save style lines and use again without the need to repeat any work.

Crispin ShoeStyle - 3D drawing software to create and edit style lines

How does Crispin ShoeStyle help me?

Last selection - With the ability to import digital lasts from your last manufacturer or scanning software, you can try your design on multiple lasts so you can select a suitable one every time.

Time to market - Creating style lines digitally reduces your time spent transforming an initial sketch into a completed product. You can also save style lines for future use without the need to repeat any work

Pattern development - You can use Engineer to automatically create 2D patterns from your 3D style lines and standardize your flattening process