Autodesk Footwear

Footwear production tools

Our specialist footwear CAM software (computer aided manufacturing) provides the tools you need to improve the efficiency of footwear manufacturing.

How does Crispin CAM solutions increase efficiency?

Crispin KnifeCut

An easy-to-use solution for nesting leather and synthetic material layouts to minimise time spent producing footwear samples.

  • Reduce cost of small runs - Cut directly from the required material to save the cost of unnecessary tooling

  • Increase throughput - Nest parts and begin cutting whilst you start your next task

  • Maximise efficiency - Create automatic layouts for synthetic materials

Crispin PatternCut

A quick but powerful easy-to-use solution to cut new or replacement sets of graded patterns from Crispin Engineer and other CAD software.

  • Fast manual positioning - Position parts and store unfinished sheets for future usage to achieve cutting accuracy and repeatability

  • Efficient automatic nesting - Use intelligent nesting to ensure the most cost-effective layout

  • Widely compatible - Compatible with most flatbed cutting tables. We also regularly update with new models.

Crispin StitchTec

Crispin StitchTec features design pallette layouts and create stitch paths so you can fully utilise your auto-stitching machines.

  • Create patterns quickly - Precise engineering tools ensure conventional, sports and fashion upper components fit perfectly into the pallet layout

  • Minimise time to production - Design complex layouts quickly and easily

  • Reduce costs - Fully utilise your auto-stitching machine to reduce lead time and save labour costs