Autodesk Crispin Engineer

Pattern engineering and grading

As the process of footwear design transcends to digital, collections are produced more quickly putting even more pressure on pattern engineers to produce patterns more quickly and accurately. With Engineer, you can digitise patterns easily so you can edit them faster and with greater precision.

How does Crispin Engineer help me be more efficient?


The grading process can slow down production time, especially if you need to rely on a 3rd party service. Engineer allows you to grade and group grade patterns in seconds.

Pattern creation

Using Crispin Engineer means you can import a digital design in a variety of file formats for automatic flattening. You can then modify patterns quickly adding pieces such as lining, create boundaries and notches and markers with a few clicks of your mouse.


If your pattern is digital, there is no need to start from scratch when making edits. Therefore time to manufacture is much quicker. It also means you can make more variants in minutes. Once your pattern is ready, Engineer can recommend how a pattern piece can be divided or reshaped to increase efficiency. Output is also simple with integration to most cutting machines.